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Charley Chimps

"The Classic Cymbal Banging Monkey Toy"

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Meet Charley:

Switch Charley on and he relentlessly bangs his cymbals and rocks back and forth while nodding his head. Bop his little red cap and he gets angry. His eyes start popping in and out of their sockets, then he opens his mouth, flashes his pearly whites and screeches waaay too loud. Action is then repeated again... & again... & again... & again .... (you get the idea). Charley has been featured in numerous books, TV shows and movies. Charley brings to the screen a degree of tension or drama such as his pivotal role in Pixar Animation's 2010 blockbuster, Toy Story 3.

Did you know that our Charley Chimps are made in a small workshop by skilled craftsmen? Robert Greenspan, the "King" of animated toys has been manufacturing them for over 50 years and is still making sure that Charley remains alive and nothing changes.
Each has a finely stitched shimmering detailed vest, hand painted toes / fingernails and shinny real metal cymbals. Being made by hand, no two Charley Chimps are exactly the same. Each possess unique characteristics in both look and sound. We select only the "best of the best" Charley Chimps for our retail customers. If you don't love your Charley Chimp, we will gladly take him back. We have a(1) month "no problem" returns policy.
To learn more about the Cymbal Banging Monkey's history and see tons of cool photos and videos, click on "Charley Chimp's History" at the top of this page. For pricing or to purchase your own Charley Chimp, click the photos below.
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